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Watch for these Programs:
  • Astronomy Series
  • Birding Series
  • More 'Ghosts' in October
  • Snowshoe events when it snows!
  • Animal Encounter Series
  • 'CT Trail Day' Hike in June

Scout Events

The Discovery Center hosts Scouting Events on specific dates.
These programs require reservations and pre-payment.
Individuals with a parent/guardian and troops are welcome to attend.
Approximately 20 - 60 participants may attend each program.

If your Council is interested in having us host any of these events, or would like us to develop one to fit your specific needs, please contact us .

Our Upcoming Programs

Outdoor Skills Workshop

Brownies or Juniors - Minimum of 15 scouts

Learn how to plan and prepare for an outdoor adventure! During this program learn:

  • What equipment to bring
  • How to Dress for the Outdoors - what fabric and clothes work best for different weather conditions
  • The 10 essential items needed in your backpack
  • How build a campfire, and fire safety (S'mores included!)
  • Hiking and outdoor safety (including bandana uses)
  • Learn how to read a trail map while taking a nature hike
  • How to "Leave No Trace"
  • What to do during an enounter with a wild animal
  • Plus More...

Girls will take home their own decorated walking stick, and bandana

Sturges Park, Ridgefield
Rippowam Road
Ridgefield, CT 06877

How to Register for our Scout Programs

Send an e-mail to us or call us

Please include the following information:

  1. Leader's Name (or if individual scout, parent/guardian's name)
  2. Troop number & number of desired spaces
  3. Town your troop is from

You will receive a return e-mail that will either confirm or waitlist your space.

If your space can be confirmed, you will be given a date by which full payment must be received.

Our Astronomy Programs

The Discovery Center is proud to own several telescopes.

Our great group of volunteer amateur astronomers are please to present:

"Discovering Space"

Brownie Level Program - Hands-On Science Program

Cost: $10 per scout - Includes Event Patch
(Leaders and Chaperones are free)

During this program the girls will be introduced to:

  • The workings of our Solar System through a Planetarium-like presentation
  • Learn why the Moon appears in phases
  • Discover the common Winter/Fall/Spring/Summer Constellations
  • View the night sky through Telescopes
  • (In case of inclement weather, an alternative activity will be provided.)

"Exploring Space"

Junior Level Program - Hands-On Science program

This program covers with more depth:

  • Workings of our Solar System
  • Learn how to use a Star Map
  • Phases of the Moon
  • Parts of a Telescope
  • Viewing the Night Sky through Telescopes

Cub Scout Astronomy Belt Loop

This program covers all the requirements for the Astronomy Belt Loop and More!

Please contact us if you are interested in this program

Our Nature Programs

"Water Wonders"

Brownie or Junior Level - Hands-on Science Program

During this program the girls will learn:

  • The importance of fresh water
  • How fresh water is distributed around the globe
  • Parts of the Watershed - We all live in one!
  • How plants and animals adapt to life in the water
  • View Microscopic freshwater aquatic life

This program has been made possible by a grant for the Meserve Memorial Fund.

Our History Programs

Take Girls* Back in Time Series

For Scouts 7-10 years

Our "Take Girls Back in Time" programs allows scouts to travel back in time and visit a specific year or era in history. They will learn how life was different and the same. This may include home life, school, entertainment activities and current events.

An American Girl in the 1920's

What was life like for a young girl growing up in the "Flapper Era?" No TV, radio was new, and "talking" movies didn't appear until 1927. Life for a girl was so different but in many ways the same. Find out how by exploring the era.

This event can be used toward the Girl Scout Ways Legacy Badge work at both the Brownie and Junior level.

An American Girl in 1944

This unique program takes girls back to the year 1944. During the program, scouts learn what life was like for elementary school girls during WWII in America. What she did in school and for fun along with how she helped out at home and her country.

For More Information - Contact us

Join Our Community:
Watch for these Programs:
  • Astronomy Series
  • Birding Series
  • More 'Ghosts' in October
  • Snowshoe events when it snows!
  • Animal Encounter Series
  • 'CT Trail Day' Hike in June